For Thou Art With Me

For Thou Art With Me

A Spiritual Journey Toward Discovering Favor With God

For Thou Art With Me takes you on a journey through disease and spiritual discovery. Steve Wilkinson tells his story of how God used an insidious disease to reveal a path for him to develop a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit


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  1. This book has everything we Christian’s experience on a daily basis – joy, pain, confidence, doubt, love, loneliness. Only God could inspire a non-writer to tell such a beautiful and deliberately encouraging account of His love for each and every one of us. Steve is on to something here! I can’t wait to read his next book.

  2. What an amazing story of faith, hope, inspiration, and God’s unwavering love for Steve and Steve’s for God! I’ve known Steve for over 40 years first as a close friend, great athlete, student, and engineer. With God working through him, now I know him as an author. Whereas the book is about Steve’s walk with God, during this journey, anyone will be able to draw parallels to their life.
    Thanks for sharing your story. I hope there’s more to come.

  3. Outstanding journey of faith, courage, and inspiration. Insight to Steve’s experiences will enable others the strengthen their beliefs and encourage valuing all life has to offer. Thank you for sharing your personal spiritual journey.

  4. I admire the courage it must have taken Steve to share his journey through such a challenging time in his life, unfolding his emotions in such a way that we can see and feel the depths of his despair to the heights of his glory in faith and grace. His courage should remind us all how important we as family, friends and mentors are to each other.

  5. I love the comments I’ve read above about Steve’s book and journey. I echo each and every one of them. I felt as though I was able to draw near to Steve and God through reading his words and his words impacted me deeply. I’ve been gifting For Thou Art With Me to family and friends and each one of them has expressed sensing God’s presence and appreciation for Steve’s sharing of his heart and experiences. Two of my friends who have read the book are cancer survivors and Steve’s words resonated deeply. My prayer is for my unsaved loved ones to glean a desire to know God personally and celebrate His love and purpose for each of us. Steve’s writing style was engaging and I couldn’t put the book down. I loved reading about his family life and am so grateful that God blessed him with committed, nurturing family and friends. I, too can’t wait to read his second book–and pass it along to my loved ones.

  6. Amazing spiritual journey of Steve’s faith and trust in his Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ and a powerful testimony of his endurance and courage as God walks him through.

  7. Truly an enjoyable read! Helped remind me that My life is in God’s hands and he’s always with me, especially when things seem the darkest. I highly recommend it!

  8. This book is wonderfully written – it moves quickly like a gurgling river taking us to the inner places of Steve’s heart, his hope, his memories and his revelations. He writes so plainly. Steve is so willing to share those precious nuggets from childhood; to share his resounding faith revealed during his recent surgery and recovery. I really appreciate the honesty of this book. It felt like a great conversation. I am inspired, truly!

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